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Privacy /Security/HIPAA Compliant

ATS is committed to providing physicians with wireless, web enabled, point-of-care solutions on handheld devices to improve productivity and the quality of healthcare to patients

ATS respects and honors the privacy and confidentiality of all patients and healthcare providers with regard to healthcare information that personally identifies the patient and healthcare provider. We will view or manipulate data with the intent to personally identify the patient, or examine information that we are requested by our customers to transmit between entities.

ATS acts as a custodian only for healthcare information and operates under the premise that healthcare information is not to be used for financial gain. If specific customers request healthcare data for research purposes, ATS will act as an information aggregator for that client, provided proper consent and disclosure has been obtained and patient confidentiality is maintained through anonymous data collection.

Security Statement

ATS is committed to patient rights regarding confidentiality by providing secure access to authorized healthcare personnel requiring information captured and stored by our applications. To back up this commitment, corporate servers are located at a third party application service provider (ASP), isolated behind a firewall in a physically secure site with continuous monitoring on all equipment.

Additionally, our ASP monitors the firewall for intrusions and attacks. All data is transmitted over the Internet using the industry standard 128 bit encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Employees are educated on the importance of preserving our commitment to privacy and security principles in the course of supporting our products and services.

And finally, ATS is committed to complying with all HIPAA and HCFA mandates as they continue to evolve and impact the healthcare sector. here