"I have been an orthopedic surgeon for over 30 years. I have utilized the services offered from ATS for more than 10 years and it has always been above the expected. I was employed at the University of Florida as an Associate Professor of Orthopedics. I used ATS's services 100% of the time. It was always accurate and reliable in regard to patient care documentation. When I moved my practice to Greenville, South Carolina, I was determined to maintain my relationship with ATS. My fellow physicians have also used their services and it continues to be timely, accurate, and trustworthy. I would recommend ATS's services to any medical practice as it will give you support and guarantee accurate documentation. ATS is easy to work with and they are able to adapt to any practice. If you want the best, use the best."

Dwight A. Jacobus, D.O., F.A.O.A.O., N.A., F.A.C.O.S.
Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

"I have worked with Alacri-Tech Solutions for the past 10 years. The service that is provided is outstanding in terms of the quality of the transcription of medical dictation. The turn-around time to get dictation back is short. It is a pleasure to work with all of the staff."

Jo Anne Turner, APRN
Adult Nurse Practitioner
Sleep Medicine

"I have known Angela DeCosty and Alacri-Tech Solutions for the past 7 years and it has been a great working relationship. I am extremely pleased with the service that we receive from Alacri-Tech. We have had some issues in our office in the past and Angela has always resolved them for us in a very timely matter. She is always available to us and whatever we need if it's within her ability she gets it for us. I am happy to give their name to anyone that needs transcription service."

Sheila Thompson
Office Manager
Sports Medicine and Musculoskeletal Center

"Alacri-Tech Solutions, Inc. has recently taken over our dictation service. We are pleased with the turn-around time. WOW - there are times we have it back in the same day depending on when we down load the files!!!! This is awesome and helps us to attach our dictation to claims thus getting our claims paid in a timely basis! We hope to continue our relationship and just keep improving every step of the way! The staff is good to listen to our concerns and work towards a solution that works for both sides!"

Denise Viehweg
Office Manager
Orthopedic Clinic

"Our practice has experienced outstanding service from ATS over the past three years. Accuracy and turnaround time are two of the most important pieces of oncology transcription and ATS has overwhelmingly proved to me that they operate at the highest level of both. The staff is easy to work with and can quickly adapt to the ever changing needs of a busy practice."

Wade Bonner
Assistant Administrator
Oncology Center

"I have been in private practice using various in-house and outsourced transcription services. Alacri-Tech Solutions has been the most seamless and efficient transcription solution for us! They get a "Michelin" 5 star rating!"

Lawrence Weiner, M.D.
Allergy Consultant