a-lac-ri-ty (elak' ri te') n. readiness, promptness, to serve with eager willingness manifested by quick lively action


Alacri-Tech Solutions was founded in an effort to provide physicians with personally tailored, expedient yet accurate transcription at an affordable cost. We see quality, accuracy, confidentiality, rapid turnaround and mobile access as the most important criteria in the healthcare industry.  ATS started out providing services to local clients and with the advent of digital handhelds and computer advanced technologies is able to expand services to clients all across the United States.


At Alacri-Tech Solutions we aim to make your transcription process more efficient and cost effective, while providing you with the highest quality of work and customer service possible. As a result of the rapidly changing healthcare environment and the advent of new healthcare legislation, Alacri-Tech Solutions has created the digital solution for medical transcription that meets these changing industry needs.